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Refrigeration equipment for fresh fruit and vegetables

In the summer season the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables is usually higher. During this time we have a better chance of buying natural and fresh produce that was not grown in greenhouse conditions. It’s a good opportunity to take a look at how does the grocery store look like today and how it may look like in the future.

The fresh fruit and vegetables market has been changing quite significantly in Poland. Ecological and organic produce, superfoods and „rescued foods” are the trends that are becoming very popular. Most of them are directly connected with the clients’ increasing awareness and the need to obtain more information about the product. On top of that, health and environmental issues are also factors taken into consideration by clients while making their choices.

In recent years many new trends have emerged in the grocery segment, especially ones concerning organic food, products from ecological farms or with various types of eco certificates. Large retail chains are no longer putting eco products in one fixed place on a single exposition. Ecological produce can be found in various placess arround the store, usually next to the „regular” products. The segment of chain stores offering strictly organic or vegan products is also growing very fast. Another pro-environmental trend that is currently on the rise is the so called „rescued food” – products that have the same nutrition values as regular products, but simply don’t look as well as the others. This particular trend is noticeable in both small stores with eco-products and large retail chains.

Fresh seasonal food and produce from ecological farms do not contain as much artificial additives. These products are significantly healthier and have more nutrition values, but usually expire much faster. One of the ways to keep these products fresh and available for consumption is storing them in low temperatures not only during shipping and storage, but also while being stored in the shopping area.

Using refrigeration equipment to store fresh fruit and vegetables is not yet a common practice. However a couple of large retailers are starting to shift towards this solution. Usually the refrigerating equipment is being used for more expensive products selected according to the policy of a particular store.

The JBG-2 offer contains a number of refrigerating appliances for storing fruit and vegetables. Depending on the store’s design these may be tall or horizontal multidecks or islands. Most of these appliances can be equipped with additional lighting or a sprinkler system.

The current trends in the fresh fruit and vegetables department may suggest that the Bio-products’ share of the market might significantly grow in the nearest future. We kindly invite you to find out how JBG-2 appliances might be used to develop these trends.



LDF-16 LDF-17 RDL-S1 RDM-10



Plug-in equipment

Devices with own cooling unit, designed for smaller stores. They do not require connection to external cooling system.

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Remote equipment

Devices prepared for connection with external cooling system. They can be used in all kinds of stores, mainly in supermarkets and superstores.

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