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Our Priorities

Among JBG-2’s priorities, the two that have always ranked the highest are being environmentally friendly and constantly improving the skills of both our current and future employees. Environmental issues are a huge factor in every aspect of JBG-2’s actions, from the properties of our products, our production processes, to the everyday life of our facility. We also believe that the key to success in every aspect of life are the people you surround yourself with. JBG-2 has always been very proud and lucky to have a great team of specialists that are dedicated to their work and treat everyday tasks with huge passion. We take great care in providing our employees the possibility to growth by organizing specialized technical or language courses. We’re also keen on sharing our passion with our future employees who in a couple of years will be starting their careers. That’s why under the auspices of JBG-2 one of the vocational schools in the region has launched a class that specializes in cooling and air condition. On top of that, the students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge in real life while having an internship in our production facility. We are also a proud sponsor of the Junior Sports Club in Warszowice and most importantly The JBG-2 PROFESSIONAL MTB Team.



Plug-in equipment

Devices with own cooling unit, designed for smaller stores. They do not require connection to external cooling system.

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Remote equipment

Devices prepared for connection with external cooling system. They can be used in all kinds of stores, mainly in supermarkets and superstores.

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