Is used both for remote devices as well as plug-ins.

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Pure Energy Equipment

JBG-2 proudly presents a new range of refrigerating equipment. Low energy consumption, ecological refrigerant and the use of no maintenance condenser bring these devices closer to household refrigerating appliances.

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Pamir for special tasks


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The round turnable bottom provides easy access to each point of the shelf.

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Imja WNIM-06

A brand new back-to-back plug in island by JBG-2.

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For fresh fruit and vegetables

Refrigerating equipment for storing fresh fruit and vegetables.

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JBG-2 Professional Refrigeration Equipment for Retail.


This product was designed to facilitate combining LED lighting in lines. As it is completely modular, it presents you a simple method of creating long lines of lighting.

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CryoSpace by JBG-2

The latest cryotherpy appliance for regeneration and health.

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Top products:

Himalaya RDHI-H4

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Lhotse LDLH-36 Push Glass

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Himalaya RDHI-H3

Remote Multidecks More

New technologies:

The Energy Technology List - ETL

FLOW system

FLOW system is used both for remote devices as (...)

SMART control

Smart control is a revolutionary solution that (...)

Pure Energy Equipment

New range of products. Ecologic, ergonomic and (...)


The world-leading manufacturer of professional refrigeration equipment for trade and food industry

Many years of experience, modern machine park and great location comprise the main elements of the success of JBG-2. Hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world particularly appreciate our creative approach to problem-solving and our involvement in successful project accomplishment.

We are committed to ecology during the production stage as well as later on, making sure that the impact of our equipment on the natural environment is as low as possible.

Out of concern for the high quality, we conduct tests in our certified laboratories which meet the ISO23953-2 standards. In addition, the company’s management is carried out on the basis of ISO 9001-2009 standard.

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Colle Romito


Plug-in equipment

Devices with own cooling unit, designed for smaller stores. They do not require connection to external cooling system.

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Remote equipment

Devices prepared for connection with external cooling system. They can be used in all kinds of stores, mainly in supermarkets and superstores.

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