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JBG-2 launches a technical class in Pawłowice

A new technical class educating in the area of refrigeration and air conditioning has been launched by JBG-2 In the John Paul II High School Complex in Pawłowice.

On the 4th of September 2017, during the grand inauguration of the new school year in the Pawlowice High School, Mr Andrzej Wowra, the headmaster of the school, has officially launched the first technical class that will educate students in the area of refrigeration and air conditioning. JBG-2 has the great pleasure and honor to be the patron of the class. This is an initiative that is a result of the agreement, that JBG-2 made with the municipality of Pawlowice.

In the coming days 27 students of our new class will begin their classes conducted in a dual education system. The theoretical lessons will be held at school, in a workshop dedicated for the purposes of teaching refrigeration and air conditioning. The school workshop will be equipped by JBG-2 with state of the art equipment in order for the classes to take place in conditions as closely resembling reality as possible.

Each week for one day the practical education will be conducted in the JBG-2 production facility in Warszowice. Under the supervision of skilled specialists the students will have an opportunity to get to know the latest technologies in the refrigerating area. They will be taught in detail what does the entire production process consist of, how a standard cooling system is built and how a complete refrigerating appliance is constructed. In the following years every student will have the opportunity to work as a full time intern as part of their education process, at the end of which he will have a chance to become a regular employee of JBG-2.

We strongly believe that a tight cooperation between education and industry is the only effective way for both of them to thrive. Technical and vocational schools can greatly benefit from the know-how provided by the industry and significantly upgrade their education offer. The companies on the other hand will be able to ensure that their future employees have the up to date knowledge and skills. Also the fresh perspective and out of the box approach of interns can greatly contribute to the company’s operations.

As this is the first such initiative helmed by JBG-2, we are looking forward to the next couple of years with our students. We're certain this experience will be a source of great excitement and experiences for all of us.



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