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LEDit TUBE and LINE are products intended for refrigeration equipment and store area.

Light is what allows us to see the properties of all the objects in our surrounding. Texture, colour, structure – all of these begin to exist thanks to the incredible cooperation of light and the human eye. Light, when reflected from the object, collects information and carries it in a coded package – which can be ‘decoded’ by our eyes. That's why the images that we see in reality exist only in our minds. Proper lighting can influence the content of the ‘package’ and we understand the importance of appropriate product exposure in the sales process. Our lighting system fully brings out the beauty of illuminated goods and products. Good lighting is not only about seeing the product, it is about its beauty.


This product was designed to facilitate combining LED lighting in lines. As it is completely modular, it presents you a simple method of creating long lines of lighting. Connectors between the modules are made in a variety of angles and the suspension system is equipped with an easy way of hight adjustment, all to provide a maximum flexibility of store space arrangement. The design also allows easy replacement of each element in just a few simple steps.


LEDit Tube is a group of products intended for refrigeration equipment. It has a wide range of colours dedicated for particular exposures, there is also a possibility of merging two different colours in one tube and then simply switching between these two options.



LEDit Line - brochure LEDit Tube/Profile/Rail - brochure



Plug-in equipment

Devices with own cooling unit, designed for smaller stores. They do not require connection to external cooling system.

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Remote equipment

Devices prepared for connection with external cooling system. They can be used in all kinds of stores, mainly in supermarkets and superstores.

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