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FLOW system

FLOW system is used both for remote devices such as plug-ins. It is a new eco-friendly solution, the properties of which allow you to improve the parameters of the equipment, reduce environmental impact and lower bills.

FLOW system for plug-in equipment

Planning the refrigeration for a shop can present us with a serious dilemma; on one hand, we want to maximise the selling area, but on the other hand, we have to limit the number of equipment. Too many plug-in devices may cause a concentration of heat inside a shop and that will have an adverse effect on the operating parameters of the equipment and of the air-conditioning.

There is a solution to that problem: the FLOW System transfers the heat produced by the equipment out of the building. As it is also an energy-saving solution, it allows for a harmonious relationship between the equipment and the environment.

FLOW system for remote equipment

This solution has many advantages – it allows you to extend the range of equipment in an easy way, simplifies modifications in the equipment's arrangement in the store and does not require a cooling specialist to install the equipment. Lower usage of refrigerant makes this system more ecological. It also gives you many possibilities of redundant heat usage and, consequently, it allows you to lower the energy consumption.



Plug-in equipment

Devices with own cooling unit, designed for smaller stores. They do not require connection to external cooling system.

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Remote equipment

Devices prepared for connection with external cooling system. They can be used in all kinds of stores, mainly in supermarkets and superstores.

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